Noaw A300 Automatic Slicer (CE Approved)

45° Gravity feed slicer with 300mm diameter blade. The A300 Model has been designed for large shops, Delis & restaurants where professional performances automatic slicing is required.  It has a cutting capacity of 210 x 270mm or meats with a diameter of 215mm. The overall weight of the slicer is 46kg which means it should not be moved by one person. The extra large 0,390kw motor is belt driven. Simply load the meat into the carriage enter the number of slices you need and the slicer will do the rest.  This slicer complies with all safety requirements.

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    Make & mode: Noaw A300
    Blade Size:  300mm
    Max cutting size: 210 x 270mm
    Motor KW: 0,390
    Weight: 46kg
    Carriage Type:  Auto Push