Keg Scales with Frame

This is a mechanical scale which has been modified by us. It allows you to easily weigh kegs of beer and displays the number of drinking pints inside the keg on a clearly marked chart. It can be used with any full sized kegs and does NOT require you to lift the keg. The weight of different keg types can be tare by using the tare knob which allows tare weights of up to 25Kg. This scales can be used without having to untap the keg saving time & money.


Total Price 395.00

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    • Hanging Dial Scales
    • Weighs in drinking points
    • Accurate to one drinking pint
    • No lifting of keg required to weigh
    • No power need (No Batteries to recharge)
    • 25kg Tare Function
    • Steel frame with robust desig